Q: Does it matter what kind of a ball I have on the tow vehicle?

No. All balls are manufactured with a flat spot on the top. This is where the grease lands when you pump it in.

Q: Does the type of coupler I have matter?

Yes, it does. If the top of the coupler (immediately over the top of ball) is covered by the latch mechanism at any time, the Ballgreaser zerk will get scraped off, so it won’t work.

Q: Does it matter what size of ball I am using?

No. The Ballgreaser will work with ALL ball sizes. These are: 1-7/8”, 2”, and 2-5/16”

Q: My truck has a home made trailer hitch on it, will that matter?

The type of hitch on the tow vehicle will make no difference. The Ballgreaser mounts to the trailer so it will work with all of them.

Q: Will this work with my 5th wheel hitch?

It will work with SOME of them. If you can see the top of the coupler immediately over the ball, it will work. . If the structural member of the trailer (like a large pipe) goes down over the top of the ball, it probably won’t work.

Q: Can I get too much grease on the ball?

Grease and all lubricants only work when they are between two pieces of metal. When you have grease or oil doing it’s job, the clearance between the two surfaces “regulates” the amount of grease you can put in there. So, if you can see grease (or oil), wipe it off. It isn’t doing anything except collecting dust. See below……

Q: Will the grease collect dust?

The grease on the coupler and the ball when the trailer is connected will NOT collect grease except at the very edges. Dust cannot get between the ball and the coupler because it forms a seal (for lack of a better description) and is nearly air tight. When the trailer is disconnected, the grease on the ball and on the coupler will both collect dust. It looks kind of funny, but a surgical glove over the top of the ball will keep the ball from gathering dust, or just wipe the ball clean. From time to time, you should also wipe out the inside of the coupler and start with fresh grease next time.

Q: What kind of grease gun should I get?

There are three basic types:

  • Mini, which has a rigid “hose” that connects to the fitting and a pistol grip you squeeze to pump grease. The grease cartridge is 3 oz., and about 1” in diameter and 5-1/2” long.
  • Full sized with a rigid hose. This cartridge contains 14 oz of grease, and is about 2’ in diameter X 10” long. This has a large handle and you have to use both hands to pump it. You can hold it on the zerk if it is straight in, but it won’t work around a corner.
  • Full sized with a flex hose. Uses same size grease cartridge. Not recommended. It takes one hand to hold the hose on the zerk, and 2 more hands to pump the gun, so you’ll need a helper.

Full sized with a flex OR rigid hose, with a Pistol grip. This one allows you to pump with one hand and hold the hose on the fitting with the other. The flex hose will be more versatile for other uses. My personal recommendation. The link is for one of many and not an endorsement of a specific brand. Choose wisely. http://www.lincolnindustrial.com/Catalogs/Uploaded/Catalog_134/1134_flyer.pdf

Q: What type of grease should I use.

It won’t matter much. This is not a high speed or high pressure connection, so you do NOT need grease that is specifically rated for high pressure/high heat. But good grease is…..good.