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The trailer coupler grease zerk installation kit includes almost everything you need to grease your trailer coupler:

  1. A properly sized drill bit,
  2. A properly sized grease zerk, and
  3. The grease zerk installation tool custom machined for THIS specific grease zerk.

You will also need a drill motor and a hammer, not included.

Installation is a simple four step process! Detailed instructions come in the package.

  1. Use the supplied drill to drill a hole in the very top of your coupler.
  2. Insert the ball end of the grease zerk into the Installation Tool
  3. Line the end of the grease zerk up with the hole in the coupler
  4. Smack it in with a hammer!

That’s all there is to it! When your trailer is hooked to your tow vehicle, 4-5 pumps of grease will fill the void over the top of the ball, and set you up for the first trip. After the first time a couple of pumps should be all you need.

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